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‚ÄčThis course will be held in Tulsa on October 5th through 7th. Enrollment is currently open to all interested parties.


This is a 3 Day Joint Instructor and Skills Class.

Austere Medical Management Entry:
"Urban VooDoo"

These classes don't happen often in the States.

3 day primary focus objective-

Austere medical response to casualties with focus on reaction to violence and grid down management of injuries.
This is an introduction to austere medicine with focus on utility of what's on hand for prolonged field care and maximized survival. Emergent Medical Management in an austere environment will be the primary focus.

This is a level one joint class by the Callidus Collective - meaning no other classes are required to attend. Any level of skill set will be appropriate and the material will span from regular person to trauma surgeon in complexity and relevance; but broken down so the individual can process the material at their individual level.


/Austere - having an extremely plain and simple style or appearance; unadorned../ React and treat to provide the highest possible chance of survival; treatment with the minimum equipment carried or on hand.

Friday 5th 1900-2300
Saturday 6th 0900-2300
Sunday 7th 0900-2000

We have several additional things planned for this course. We will be placing a series of dead drops in the weeks leading up to the class. Students who deliver the contents of one of these dead drops will receive bonus gear to help them during the class. There will also be class-specific items presented to each participant to commemorate bringing the Hive to Oklahoma. 


Balances are due no later than September 28th. The installment route includes a $25 processing fee. Be sure to make your choices carefully and correctly each time that you pay.


Payment options:
Full Tuition Payment = $700
Deposit Option = $250
Tuition Balance (If using the Deposit Option) = $450 (Due NLT Sept 28th)
Installment 1 = $250
Installment 2 = $250 (Due NLT Sept 28th with the 3rd installment)
Installment 3 = $225 (Due NLT Sept 28th)


Tuition is non-refundable (Applies to full, deposit, balance & installment payments). Tuition is transferrable, however. If you can't make it, it's up to you to either sell or gift your seat. If you have to cancel and can sell the seat yourself or decide to give it away, email us and give us the name and email address of the person taking your place so that we can update the roster and get the course info to that person. It has to be this way due to the logistics of instructors coordinating time off from jobs, booking travel, course expenses, etc.