***This course is restricted to Law Enforcement & Military only
Wed-Sun, June 3rd - 6th (4th - 6th for Short Course)
Pawnee, OK
Pawnee Police Range and other training sites in Pawnee
The objective of this course is to bridge the skills gap between the Patrol Officer & the SWAT/SOT Officer. By providing the Patrol Officer with the skills to maneuver, deliver effective fires from various issued weapons, and communicate & lead as a part of a small element of LEOs, Officer survivability is increased & personnel are empowered to solve complex tactical problems more quickly during critical incidents, when time is of the essence to prevent the loss of life. Students will be trained and demonstrate proficiency in shooting on the move, solving a variety of weapons malfunctions, transitioning between the primary & secondary weapon, demonstration of other intermediate & advanced gun handling skills, working from & around vehicles, small unit tactics, concepts of fire & maneuver, task organization, tactical leadership, mechanical breaching, CQB fundamentals, and the safe use of force-on-force munitions systems. We will also discuss logical & fact-based equipment selection & setup, and students will leave equipped to discriminate toward quality, function, and reliability when making gear choices. This course is CLEET accredited for 45 hours of MT credit.
We have added a Short Course option for those who are unable to accommodate the ammunition requirements for the live fire portion on TD1. The Short Course allows students to attend the final 3 days of the course as a regular student. You'll get the benefit of the force-on-force evolutions and other training, but the not the live fire component. Short Course students will be permitted to "audit" TD1 as bystanders. You'll be able to listen and watch demos, hear feedback and corrective input given to the TD1 students, and take notes. You just won't be on the firing line.  Select "Short Course" at checkout to select this reduced rate course. This course is CLEET accredited for 30hours of MT credit.
Students will receive an email with a detailed packing list, start times, locations, etc. within one week of signing up for the course. 
Ammunition & force-on-force equipment requirements: 300 rounds of handgun
300 rounds of rifle
Force-on-force pistol or conversion
Force-on-force rifle conversion
120 rounds of man-marking force-on-force pistol ammo (250 if not using a patrol rifle)
250 rounds of man-marking force-on-force rifle ammo
“This class has been cataloged by the Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training for 45 hours of mandatory continuing education credit. Regarding any law enforcement concepts, practices, methods, techniques, products, or devices as might be taught, promoted, or otherwise espoused in outside schools or seminars, there is no intent, expressed or implied, that listing the course in the CLEET Course Catalog indicates or in any way conveys ‘CLEET approval’ of such concepts, practices, methods, techniques, products, or devices, unless such approval is explicitly stated by CLEET.”

Critical Incident Patrol Tactics - June 3rd to 6th