This course is open only to Counter Custody Entry alumni. If you have not taken CCE with Ed previously, you are not eligible to attend this course. If you are ineligible and enroll in this course, a $25 refund fee will be assessed.


Developed by security specialists operating south of the US border where kidnapping and ransom are common, the Black Box methodology is a direct and aggressive system designed to help you survive in locations that offer an uncertain degree of safety and little support from official channels. The intensive Black Box curriculum will force you to understand the perspective of the abductor and the experience of an abductee through high-pressure, situation-based training.Students will learn to observe, identify and overcome the tactics of assault and abduction, with limited resources, tools or support. From improvised weapons to the garrote, evading pursuit to confronting multiple opponents, students will leave Black Box more likely to avoid and survive criminal assault.This intensive course will provide high-pressure situation-based training.

All participants will be required to sign waivers in order to participate. Refusal to sign a waiver will result in you not being allowed to train, and is not grounds for a refund.

Course fees are non-refundable after Feb. 29th, and include nearly all of the materials you'll need for the class. If you withdraw prior to that date, you will receive a refund for the second half of your tuition only (Deposit amounts are non-refundable).


To pay only the $200 non-refundable deposit, select the TUITION DEPOSIT option from the drop down menu. The remainder of your tuition is due no later than Friday, February 29th.To pay only the balance of your tuition after paying the deposit, please come back to the web store and use the TUITION BALANCE product option in the drop down. Remember, the balance of your tuition is due no later than Friday, February 29th. If you register after that date, you must still pay the full course fee as well as source your own materials.


If you pay the full tuition or deposit and cannot attend, you may transfer your seat to another student. It is up to you to handle this. You must email us with the name of the new student and his/her email before the start of the class, or the transfer student will not be allowed to attend. If you paid the deposit, have the transfer student email us prior to paying the tuition balance so that we can track things accordingly.

Ed Calderon - Counter Custody LEVEL 2, March 28-29, 2020

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