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This 20 hour CLEET accredited course will build upon the individual Officer's fundamental skillset with the handgun and patrol rifle. Day and night fires will be conducted using a variety of drills to further develop the skills of transitions, reloads, shooting on the move, from compromised & barricaded positions, threshold presentation, and others. The goal of the course is to emphasize applied marksmanship in situations likely to be encountered on duty. The qualification course of fire is the MEU SOC qualification course, by EAG Tactical.


Round count: 400 each handgun and rifle

A complete packing list will be sent to students upon registration. 


This course is open only to LE, Mil, & Lvl IV ASG students.


Wed, Nov 6, 8am-6pm

Thur, Nov 7, Noon-10pm


Agencies may reserve seats by PO. An invoice will be sent upon receipt of the PO. Email POs to before October 18th. POs should contain the email address for each student being registered.


The course will be presented at the Camp McClintock BSA range west of Bartlesville, near Osage Hills State Park.

Handgun & Carbine Applications Course, Nov 6&7, Bartlesville

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