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This course is an introduction for the novice handgun mounted RDS user. Course content will include techniques for finding the dot and tracking the dot in recoil, occluded and failed optic drills & techniques, equipment selection & setup, target transitions, acceptable sight picture, and other topics. We will shoot a variety of recognized skills drills and assessments throughout the day to give students a baseline from which to track their progress. CLEET accredited for LE/ASG students.


Saturday, Sept 21st


Guns of Glory outdoor range, Bartlesville


Equipment list:

RDS equipped handgun

250 rounds

Holster (Open or concealed) - No Serpa holsters or those with similar locking systems, NO exceptions

Range PPE

Personal med gear; IFAK w/min. of 1 COTCCC recommended tourniquet

More info will be sent out to registrants via email

Intro to RDS Handgun, Sept 21

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