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This 8 hour, CLEET accredited course is designed for those who need a fine tuning of their handgun fundamentals, allowing them to earn consistently higher qualification scores and make them safer shooters. If you would like to host this course at your agency, please email us at

Round count: 250 rounds

Equipment list:
- Safe, serviceable, modern duty handgun
- Belt-worn holster with positive, active retention. The duty belt is recommended. ***Absolutely NO Serpa or similar holsters allowed, no exceptions.***
- 3 standard capacity magazines
- Spare batteries for pistol mounted optics. ***If your scores suffer due to time spent chasing the dot or other dot related issues, an iron sighted pistol may be best for the course.***
- Cleaning and lubrication supplies
- Eye and ear protection
- Note taking material
- Weather appropriate clothing
- Booboo kit
- Snacks and water


-Students familiarize with the CLEET course of fire.
-Students learn the importance of 100% shot accountability 
-Students receive on-the-spot reinforcement of correct performance and coaching correction of incorrect performance
-Students will learn to call their shots
-Students will learn to self-diagnose deficiencies in their fundamentals 
-Students will familiarize with effective coaching techniques by watching each other's relays and observing coaching taking place
-Students will learn effective drills for developing accuracy and speed 
-Accuracy is reinforced using smaller target areas than required for the CLEET qual
-Students will improve their qual scores by honing their accuracy and speed at the distances tested in the CLEET qual

Law Enforcement Handgun Skill Builder Course

SKU: HSBCMar2022
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