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The Umbrella Torch Mount provides the wearer a mounting solution for overhead, area illumination while freeing up the rear portion of the helmet rail to allow for ear pro to be rotated rearward for stowage. This flexibility is critical during CQB operations for SSE, CCP, and operations as well as for marking positions for overhead assets. Whether an overt (white light) or covert (IR) illumination source is used, the UTM will give the wearer flexibility to see or be seen when necessary.



UTM/S for Picatinny and Surefire Scout mounting options. Just remove the Pic rail to reveal the Scout mounting holes.


Can be attached to Ops-Core ARC rails or slick helmets.


NEW! Team Wendy model to fit the TW rail system.


Select Ops-Core or Team Wendy at checkout.

Umbrella Torch Mount/S

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