This course was developed by security specialists operating in hostile and non-permissive urban environments, urban movement encompasses the roots of primitive survival skills and their applications in a modern world. Students will learn to see connections between modern and primitive movement to gain a better understand and exploit predatory behavior. 

Students will walk away with the tools and awareness to take cues from the environment and the knowledge to alter their own movement and behavior to make them less susceptible to attack. This course will be a blend of lecture and open air exercises.

This class will be held in Oklahoma City.

Tuition balances for those paying deposits are due no later than April 2nd, or seats will be released for resale. 

DO NOT SELECT THE BALANCE OPTION TO REGISTER FOR THE CLASS. THIS IS FOR THOSE WHO RESERVED A SEAT BY PAYING A DEPOSIT TO PAY THE BALANCE OF THEIR TUITION. If you erroneously register for the class by selecting the Balance option, you will be assessed a refund fee of $20.

No refunds after April 2nd. Tuition may be transferred to another attendee, but contact us for details prior to transferring or paying for a reserved seat.

Urban Movement & Disruption, April 24-25, 2021


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