1-Day Pistol (Video Diagnostics)

Sun., Sept 23rd, 2018 - $425 plus $25 course fee to P46


Beginner to advanced shooters. Designed to incorporate human nature into your shooting & training, making you quicker & more accurate while fixing all your mechanical problems! 

Course Curriculum (8 hours per course)







Fundamentals of Marksmanship

Anticipation/ Trigger Jerk Myths


Gear Requirements


Ballistic Eye Protection Hearing Protection

4 magazines minimum pistol

A way to carry 2 mags on your body or belt

Kneepads - optional

Weapon lube/ spare parts

300 Rounds Ammunition 


*There will be down time, so snacks/lunch and water recommended to eat on the fly*


I will film you shooting 2 or 4 rounds then replay and analyze it in 240 frames per second slow motion to diagnose your problems & the video doesn't lie!

The morning starts out slow as all the students will shoot the same drill. Then I will diagnose all your shooting deficiencies. This will take us to about lunch. Next I will show you how to self diagnose and tighten up your shooting, mixed with a few demonstrations; Debunking some common shoot misconceptions. Last we will start to rebuild with proper technique. 


This class consists of a MODERN SPORTS COACHING model. All high level sports are employing this today. Yet the shooting world is still using a 1970 model of grapevine information. There is some NEUROSCIENCE involved that started from my personal combat experience and now is explained in detail of the WHY and HOW the brain works. Last is the VIDEO TECHNOLOGY to give you a play by play, frame by frame, of what is actually happening. 


Designed to teach you to take the SHOT & do it as quickly as possible. Being accurate is final but being accurate in seconds or less is better. We start with the fundamentals of pistol marksmanship & continue to develop the operator's weapon handling, operational effectiveness & overall shooting performance. 

The Mesa Progression™ training methodology emphasizes safety, efficiency & development of the skills relevant to today's operational areas. It teaches the weapons handling skills needed in a tactical environment while emphasizing safety, awareness & surgical marksmanship. You’ll quickly gain experience, confidence & competence required to operate effectively as an individual & member of a team. We provide principal based training, training operators how to think, not what to think.

Bring what you have, I’ll make you good with it. Bring your concealed or duty carry, and I will show you exactly what is going on and how to make you better. Do these things while applying the Perfect Fundamentals of Marksmanship.

Practice doesn't make perfect, Perfect Practice Makes Perfect.

Location: Tulsa County Sheriff's Office Training Center at 6094 East 66th Street North, Tulsa, OK 74117 (Make the turn just East of the entrance to the Tulsa PD Training Center)