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2017 P46 Ancillary Skills Conference

November 18th & 19th
Pawnee, Oklahoma

Join us for two days of training in north central Oklahoma. The P46 Ancillary Skills Conference was created to provide a foundation skillset to compliment the common martial skills (firearms, edged weapons, and combatives) for which training can readily be found within or just a short drive from most urban centers. We've compiled a curriculum of often overlooked ancillary skills which provide the student with knowledge to work while living and traveling afield, regardless of the activity in which he's engaged. The skills presented will also equip us to be of greater value in our communities. From tracking, communications, land nav, and trauma care, you have the potential to become a trained, viable component in your City or County's response to natural or man-made emergencies.

Our topics include:
- Land Navigation * (map reading, pacing, terrain association, coordinate systems & map projections, etc.)
- Tracking (visual and tactical tracking techniques, identifying & interpreting sign, recording & delivering information, etc.)
- Trauma Care * (tourniquets, pressure dressings, tactical considerations of field care, evacuation, airway maneuvers, etc.)
- Field Communications (radio theory, propagation, wired and wireless communication, antenna construction, etc.)

* The Land Nav lane has a night element. There will be a night land nav course to test each student's skills and to provide each student a baseline familiarization with navigating by map & compass while observing strict noise & light discipline.   Students will also receive a special discount code to use toward the purchase of trauma and other medical supplies from Rescue Essentials. See our "Partners" page for a link to the Rescue Essentials web site.

Our Instructors are professionals in their respective fields and have prepared quality instruction for our participants. All attendees should come prepared to learn but be advised: This Conference is intended to be an immersed introduction to the topics presented. Students should continue their learning in these skills areas by seeking out dedicated, full-length courses in the various topics as a part of their long-term training program. With that said, the lanes are four hours in length, so you'll receive a lot of information in a relatively short period of time.


No prior training in these topics is required. Our Instructors will be prepared to go further in-depth if they find that a particular group of attendees already possesses a solid foundation of knowledge in their respective topics. Participants should have a reasonable level of fitness which allows them to walk or climb over uneven or steep terrain and other light physical activity throughout the course of an eight-hour day.

Learning will take place entirely in a field environment. We will not stop training due to rain or other inclement weather. We will only stop training during times of extreme weather which poses a threat to life or limb (lightning, tornado threat, etc.).  Participants will be organized into squads, and each squad will move from lane to lane together. Throughout the weekend, there will be challenges within each lane and squads will be critiqued based on how well they receive and participate in the training provided, how they work together as a team, as well as how prepared they are during the training blocks. Recognition of the best efforts will be made prior to departure on Sunday. Students are encouraged to bring and wear their field gear throughout the course of the weekend while training. This includes long guns and hand guns, but please take NOTE REGARDING FIREARMS: Long guns and handguns are permitted to be carried in the lanes where training will be conducted, but ammunition is specifically forbidden within those areas. We won't have the staff on hand to clear participants onto and off of each lane, thus ensuring against  the possibility of loaded firearms making it into the training lanes. It is simply easier for us to run a cold box. Safety is of the utmost importance, and any student found to be in possession of even a single round of ammunition in any of the training areas during the course of the Conference will be asked to leave without refund or apology.    Concealed or open handgun carry will be up to the individual student's prefrence in accordance with Oklahoma Law while in the common areas. There are no exceptions to these rules. If an Instructor deems possession of firearms in his respective lane to be non-conducive to the learning to take place due to the activities in his lane, his is the final word on exclusion of arms for the duration of the block of instruction, and P46 will back him 100%. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we work through this aspect of a new program with many working parts.

Water, trash, and sanitary stations will be provided, and on-site primitive camping is available. Campfires will be permitted in the bivy area. Bivy sites will be assigned by Squad, with parking nearby. Students are not required to camp onsite, but it is encouraged to assist with building cohesion among squads. Modern lodging can be found on a limited basis in Pawnee, just a short drive from the training site, or a bit further away in the town of Stillwater. Onsite camping also prevents the student from having to commute to/from the training area. Training will begin promptly at 0800 with a required 0730 safety muster for all staff and students.  Remember that the Conference is taking place on the private property of some of the nicest and most gracious hosts you'll ever meet. Please respect their property by helping us keep it clean, and by leaving it better than you found it.

MEALS: We will be providing lunch each day, and dinner on Saturday night. Please make sure to let us know if you have special dietary considerations.


All participants are required to be lawful permanent residents of the United States (ITAR eligible) to receive the instruction provided during the Conference. Students must certify to their eligibility at the time of registration, and must provide bona fide documentation of that eligibility upon sign-in. The easiest forms of identification to produce to prove eligibility are: Handgun License/Concealed Firearm License/etc., US Passport, Tribal photo ID card, Resident Alien ID (Form I-551), etc. Participants will not be allowed to train until satisfactorily proving their ITAR status. We will not be collecting/recording vital information from students' documents. We will ONLY be recording the type of documents presented for eligibility verification, and the issuing authority of each.

A packing list will be emailed to you upon enrollment and confirmation of payment, and is available below for download as well. PLEASE be sure to provide us with a valid email address. If you wish to be squadded with specific participants, please include their names on your registration form.

Cost of the conference is $450, and registration ends on October 28th. All registration fees must be paid and forms received no later than that date. Registration for the Conference is non-refundable, but is transferable. Contact us via email for details.

You must pay for the Skills Conference online. Visit our web store and add the Skills Conference to your cart. When you have completed your online transaction, submit the completed Registration Form by mail, and fill in the space marked "Paid Online Date". You must still complete and submit the Registration Form in order to complete your registration. All Registration Forms must be received by US Mail no later than October 28th.

Skills Conference
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