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Small Element Building Clearing (SEBC) is designed to present the most current and effective Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) for use in clearing structures as a one‐ or two‐man element. The course focuses on the context of using both deliberate and dynamic TTPs, whether in separate or blended use. The curriculum applies directly to active killer responses by single or multiple officers. As a basic, or primer, course on the topic of close quarters battle techniques, it can be easily implemented in departmental in‐ service training courses to bolster the fundamental skills necessary to successfully train Officers to navigate structural terrain safely and effectively, thus increasing officer survivability. 



This expanded SEBC curriculum incorporates the use of Force On Force systems to reinforce the lessons taught in the course. The primary FoF format is the Unit Solution Unit4 FoF rifle platform. Use of the Unit4 is included in the cost of the course. Students may bring and use their personally owned or department issued airsoft or weapon-conversion FoF systems (UTM, Speer FoF, Simunition) in the course. All students must provide their own PPE suitable for use against FoF munitions fired from converted firearms. A list of recommended PPE will be provided upon registration in a course. 

These classes have been cataloged by the Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training for 8 & 16 hours of

mandatory continuing education credit, respectively. Regarding any law enforcement concepts, practices, methods,

techniques, products, or devices as might be taught, promoted, or otherwise espoused in outside schools or

seminars, there is no intent, expressed or implied, that listing the course in the CLEET Course Catalog indicates

or in any way conveys ‘CLEET approval’ of such concepts, practices, methods, techniques, products, or devices,

unless such approval is explicitly stated by CLEET.

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