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4 days, 45 hours

This 4-day, 45-hour course is intended to create minimally qualified swat entry operators, imbued with a basic skillset, mindset, and knowledge base which will make them eligible to continue their development with their assigned teams. A Special Operations Officer with a strong base in the fundamental knowledge, skills and abilities required of the modern tactical officer will be able to take on more advanced learning topics from his host agency and from outside training sources. Topics include Marksmanship & Weapons Handling, History & Role of SWAT Officers & Teams, Mission Planning, Intelligence Gathering & Analysis, Task Organization & Tactical Leadership, Combined Operations Concepts, Employment of Technological Assets, Modern CQB Theories, Warrant Service, Small Unit Tactics, Vehicle Operations, Basic Medical Skills, NFDD & Less Lethal Employment, among others.


This class has been cataloged by the Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training for 45 hours of

mandatory continuing education credit. Regarding any law enforcement concepts, practices, methods,

techniques, products, or devices as might be taught, promoted, or otherwise espoused in outside schools or

seminars, there is no intent, expressed or implied, that listing the course in the CLEET Course Catalog indicates

or in any way conveys ‘CLEET approval’ of such concepts, practices, methods, techniques, products, or devices,

unless such approval is explicitly stated by CLEET.

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