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Small Element Building Clearing

This 8-hour class was written to provide the LEO with the fundamental knowledge & skills base necessary to safely clear buildings alone or with another LEO. We began offering this class with the small agency LEO or those who may not have ready access to additional backing units in mind. The class covers modern, recognized movement techniques, equipment selection & setup, decision making & positive target identification, low light techniques, and more. We also offer the 16-hour SEBC - Opposed, which pressure tests the skills presented in a Force-On-Paper & Force-On-Force environment. 

Critical Incident Patrol Tactics

This 45-hour course is designed to narrow the skills gap between Patrol Officers and Tactical Officers. By providing Patrol Officers with the skills and confidence to effectively coordinate, maneuver, and lead in small groups they are empowered to effectively address critical incidents in the moments they are unfolding, leading to increased preservation of life. 

CQB Lab 1 & 2

This course series progresses from basic CQB principles & TTPs in CQBL1 to more advanced subjects & methodologies in CQBL2. CQBL1 begins with an understanding of modern CQB principles, the most up-to-date TTPs, architectural elements as micro terrain, basic tactical leadership, etc., and focuses on a 3 to 5-man entry element. CQBL2 picks up with the use of multiple entry elements, interior deconfliction, medical topics, technologies like robotics & night vision devices, and coordinating additional supporting disciplines with 7 or more personnel. CQBL1 is a 20-hour course and CQBL2 is a 30 hour course. Both courses are CLEET accredited.

Basic SWAT School

This 4-day, 45-hour CLEET accredited course is intended to create minimally qualified SWAT entry operators imbued with a basic skillset, mindset, and knowledge base which will make them eligible to continue their development with their assigned teams. A Special Operations Officer with a strong base in the fundamental knowledge, skills and abilities required of the modern tactical officer will be able to take on more advanced learning topics from his host agency and from outside training sources. Topics include Marksmanship & Weapons Handling, History & Role of SWAT Officers & Teams, Mission Planning, Intelligence Gathering & Analysis, Task Organization & Tactical Leadership, Combined Operations Concepts, Employment of Technological Assets, Modern CQB Theories, Warrant Service, Small Unit Tactics, Vehicle Operations, Basic Medical Skills, NFDD & Less Lethal Employment, among others.


LE Handgun Skill Builder

This 8-hour class is intended for LEOs who need to work on their fundamentals of handgun marksmanship. If you struggle to qualify or to consistently shoot good scores, this class is for you. 

This course is CLEET accredited for 8 hours of LE & ASG mandatory training credit.

Intro to RDS Handgun

This 8-hour class will provide students with the fundamental knowledge and skills to begin effectively deploying the MRDS-equipped handgun. This class is also a springboard to continued learning with other instructors, and is intended to assist with lowering the hurdles commonly encountered by new MRDS handgunners. During this class we will discuss the selection of optics and mounting options, zeroing the dot, find the dot, tracking the dot in recoil, aiming the gun with a failed or occluded optic, and other topics. Throughout the class, we will shoot a variety of skill development drills, and the course will conclude with one of several nationally-recognized handgun skills tests. This will provide valuable data for each student related to their current level of proficieny with the MRDS-equipped pistol as a defensive tool.

CLEET accredited for 8 hours of LE & ASG mandatory training credit. LE & Security students may conclude the course with a CLEET handgun COF requal with the red dot to satisfy agency requirements.

Handgun & Carbine Operator's Course

This one-day, 14-hour course is intended to further develop the student's handgun & rifle skills. Students are expected to have attended previous training covering handgun and rifle/carbine fundamentals. This is not a strictly marksmanship course, but rather a course related to applied marksmanship in tactical applications. Therefore, all material covered in this course is context driven. Students must possess strong fundamentals skills and be safe shooters. The course covers positional shooting, transitions, malfunction clearance, equipment selection & setup, low light techniques, movement, and more.


LE students will shoot a record CLEET qual with both handgun & rifle. Day and night courses of fire are included. This course is also the TD1 course qualification for our Basic SWAT School.

This course is CLEET accredited for 14 hours of LE mandatory training credit.

The pricing shown on course pages is for courses presented within Oklahoma. Out-of-state pricing may differ by location. 



Advanced SWAT School - 55 Hours

Free active killer training for schools

This course means a lot to us. We feel very fortunate to be a part of this important training and are proud to offer our website and network of training partners to facilitate its presentation in Oklahoma schools. Preventing and stopping violent attacks in schools, and preserving life in the aftermath of these events is what this course is all about. A very dedicated group of professionals and volunteers are ready to bring this program to your school. Every school should have this knowledge.

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