free oklahoma sda training for school staff

This course is provided at no cost to any employee of an Oklahoma public school. This is the course required to obtain the Oklahoma Self Defense Act Handgun License. The HGL will allow you to carry your handgun onto school grounds and leave it secured in your vehicle. This enables you to travel armed to and from work during the school year.  Check the Schedule button for the link to the current schedule of courses for more information and to register.

free active gunman/active killer response training for schools

This course means a lot to us. We feel very fortunate to be a part of this important training and are proud to offer our website and network of training partners to facilitate its presentation in Oklahoma schools. Preventing and stopping violent attacks in schools, and preserving life in the aftermath of these events is what this course is all about. A very dedicated group of professionals and volunteers are ready to bring this program to your school. Every school should have this knowledge.

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