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Paratus Forty-Six was started with a single goal in mind: Bring quality martial skills training to the State of Oklahoma and our fellow Citizens, by hosting renowned trainers at sites across our state. We've also added a catalog of our own courses. As a Veteran- & LEO-owned business, we understand the value of service and of quality instruction. We also hold high the value of the Tribe concept and of making the biggest possible impact within our local sphere of influence, as well as enabling others to do the same. We want to empower as many good Oklahomans, as well as our fellow Citizens from other States, to "Cast a Long Shadow" in the place where we're most influential: Our local communities.

We are an Oklahoma company. It is because of this that we chose the name 'Paratus Forty-Six'. In Latin, the word paratus (pah - rah - too s) means "ready" or "prepared". The number 46 is representative of Oklahoma's order as the 46th of These United States. Together, our name is a statement of our goal of helping to build a Prepared Oklahoma. We seek to assist our fellow Oklahomans, as well as our fellow Citizens, to train so that they may be prepared to survive the worst moments of their lives, as well as helping others do the same.

Whether you're military, law enforcement, a lawfully armed civilian, or just want to learn the ancillary skills necessary to help you and your family endure calamitous events, we will host or present a course that fits your training requirements, schedule, and budget. Please check our Schedule page regularly for a course that fits your needs.

our logo

The P46 logo is an upwardly-oriented, vertical arrow point with a stylized dark grey outline, with light grey accents and shading. Centered within the arrow point outline is a crimson Tiwaz rune dividing the number 46, also in crimson.

The arrow point represents the primitive or 'analog' skillset; one which does not rely solely or primarily on digital technology or complex machines, and is also a recognition of Oklahoma's native cultures.

The stylized Tiwaz (ti-vah z) rune is representative of the Norse god Tyr. It is said that warriors would carve the rune into their weapons for protection and sometimes as an offering of sacrifice should they fall in battle. It is for this reason that the Tiwaz in our logo is intended to look hand-carved. The significance of the rune is that of the recognition of the importance of mindset, of a willingness to sacrifice for what we hold dearest to us (the Tribe), and of the commitment to strong core beliefs.

The number 46 represents Oklahoma's order of Statehood.

The crimson of the Tiwaz and numbers represents the pride in our ties to the US Army Ordnance Corps and Engineer Regiment.

Paratus Forty-Six Logo


Owner and primary Instructor for company is Michael Ray. With a combined military and law enforcement resume of almost 20 years, and a variety of training and operational experience, Michael's been dragging around in 50 shades of green for a while now. He's served as a SWAT Team Leader and is currently the Commander of a multijurisdictional County team in NE Oklahoma.


"I started P46 as a means to host the Instructors with whom it was prohibitive for me to travel to train. Eventually that turned into selling gear and writing & teaching courses of my own, which are very heavily influenced by well known and respected instructors/schools. I began teaching about 25 years ago as a climbing guide & mentoring as a leader of Soldiers. I've also taught at the college level as an adjunct Instructor. The challenge of adapting my style of teaching on the fly and speaking to the variety of learning styles present in classes is one I enjoy very much. I'm not a cool guy, but my life is cool & I do cool stuff. I hope you'll join us in a class sometime."


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