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Open Enrollment

1 day, 14-hour course, 0800 to 0000 with 2, 1-hour meal breaks

The purpose of this course is to create qualified handgun and rifle operators for successful outcomes in critical incidents. A shooter with a strong base in the knowledge, skills and abilities required of the modern shooter will be able to readily take on additional learning topics from his host agency (in the case of LEOs) and/or outside training sources. Students must already possess a basic to intermediate level of proficiency with both weapons, as demonstrated by completion of prior training on both weapons. KSAs presented in this course will be timed and tested within the parameters of well established and recognized drills.

This is a tactical shooting course and, as such, will be physically and mentally demanding. The skill progression will begin somewhat slowly with zero confirms, then accelerate rapidly & continuously until the conclusion of the course. Students will shoot on the move and from uncomfortable positions. 

Topics included in the POI are zeroing methods & theories, shooting positions, round accountability, the purpose of the square range drill, transitions, malfunction clearing, low light problems & strategies, equipment selection & setup, and other topics. Students will be expected to shoot the handgun & carbine to high & exacting marksmanship standards. Selection & configuration of high quality peripheral accessories to support the efficient operation of their weapon systems, operation of the guns effectively in low light conditions, and delivering effective fire from compromised positions will be emphasized and discussed, among other skills. 

Equipment Requirements

Serviceable centerfire pistol and centerfire rifle or carbine chambered in a rifle caliber (No pistol caliber carbines)

2-point sling for the rifle (QD attachments are preferred)

Duty or other OWB holster (Serpa style holsters are not permitted in P46 courses under any circumstances)

Ability to carry at least one pistol & one rifle magazine on the belt or external carrier

3 pistol & rifle magazines

Hearing & eye protection

350 rounds rifle ammunition

350 rounds pistol ammunition

Weapon lights for handgun and rifle

Handheld light

Replacement batteries

This class has been cataloged by the Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training for 14 hours of

mandatory continuing education credit. Regarding any law enforcement concepts, practices, methods,

techniques, products, or devices as might be taught, promoted, or otherwise espoused in outside schools or

seminars, there is no intent, expressed or implied, that listing the course in the CLEET Course Catalog indicates

or in any way conveys ‘CLEET approval’ of such concepts, practices, methods, techniques, products, or devices,

unless such approval is explicitly stated by CLEET.

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