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in memorium

This page is dedicated to the memory of our fallen Brothers & Sisters, and to those who knew & loved them. Never Forget their sacrifice. Never Forgive those who took them from us.

SGT Luis R. Reyes, COARNG, OIF

SGT Reyes was killed in a vehicle rollover en route to Baghdad, Iraq via Ali Al Salem, Kuwait on November 18th, 2005. The bus in which he was riding was being driven by a third party national. The driver attempted to negotiate a turn at unsafe speeds and rolled the vehicle, killing SGT Reyes and wounding several other Soldiers from the 947th Engineer Co. (CSE)(-), COARNG. At the time of his death, SGT Reyes was immediately survived by his wife, Christina, and their two children, Nikko & Sienna. He was a devoted husband and father, as well as a brother and steadfast friend to those with whom he served. Reyes, you are loved & missed by all who knew you. 

SPC Augustus "Augy" Vicari, OKARNG, OEF

SPC Vicari, or 'Vic' as his unit mates knew him, was killed in a complex IED attack while on a dismounted patrol in Janak Keyhl, Paktia Province, Afghanistan on July 29, 2011. Augy was a FISTer with 1/279 INF RGT, OKARNG as a part of 45 IBCT, TF Creek. Augy was an example to his generation. He exceeded at his military trade and was highly regarded for his performance in subsequent training following BCT & AIT. As a young PFC, Augy outperformed veteran junior & senior NCO FISTEers during this course. Augy was immediately survived by his wife, Holly. High School sweethearts, Augy and Holly were married less than one year before his death. Augy, you are missed and loved by those who knew you. 

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