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We provide the following training to Oklahoma school employees at no charge:

OK Self defense act:
We provide free Oklahoma Self Defense Act courses to all OK public school staff. Whether you're a teacher, administrative or food services worker, driver, or custodian we will provide the training required to obtain your OK Handgun License at no cost to you. By providing our school staff with the tools to combat anyone who attempts to do harm at our schools, we hope to decrease or eliminate the potential loss of life in such an event.

Check back frequently as we add classes to the schedule.

If you and your coworkers would like a class where you can train together, please use our Conact Us form on the homepage. Let us know where you're located, how many staff would like to train, and some dates that work for the majority of your group. We'll do the rest.

The training we provide will always be free to school staff. We even have loaner pistols and, when it's available, will provide the ammunition at our cost. Occasionally, we are unable to secure range facilities at no cost. In those instances, range fees and possibly the cost of ammunition would be the only expenses students would have to pay. Spouses may attend the course, provided there is room, for a nominal fee.

Fingerprinting and application fees are set by the State and your respective Sheriff's Departments.


***This training is not available for hire on an at-large or public basis***





active gunman response:
In the aftermath of the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, a variety of responses occured. Locally, a close friend saw an opportunity to respond in a positive way and hopefully provide much needed knowledge to those who could best put it to use. As a former Special Operations Medic and practicing anesthesia professional, Jeff Hensley gathered a group of volunteers of various backgrounds to provide training at no cost to Oklahoma schools on how to effectively respond to active killers in a school environment, and to the aftermath. His idea was twofold: Stop or prevent the mayhem that was taking place in such an event, and treat the injured to preserve life in the aftermath.

Jeff coordinated a sign up day at a local range in Tulsa and, in about 4 weeks, was able to gather over 200 educators and staff by word of mouth. Since that time, the program has been opened up to all public school employees, regardless of position or responsibility. The course is taught by a variety of professionals who volunteer their time to provide this training. They range from current and former law enforcement, medical professionals, military personnel, to civilians who assist as role players and instructors.

The owners of P46 have been involved with the program, and want to help it continue. We've offered the use of our website and our growing training network as vehicles to continue the progress that Jeff started. We're honored that Jeff includes us in this program and are proud to assist in hosting this valuable training.

This training, again, comes at no cost to the school. We will come to your school and present the training as an in service curriculum, or at another facility nearby. We actively work with local law enforcement to assure that our curriculum dovetails with existing community programs, and invite them to attend and give local feedback during the portion covering interaction with law enforcement during and after an event.

The course covers a variety of topics including the psychology of stress, a study of past events to understand the perpetrator's mindset and motivations, familiarization with less-lethal means of self defense, hardening the classroom/denial of access, basic trauma care with commercial and improvised items, techniques for developing a response plan, and others.

If you are interested in this training, please use the information in our Contact Us section to call or email us. We will be happy to talk to your District and school administration to discuss additional details and coordinate the training wherever it's most convenient for your school.

***This training is not available for hire on an at-large or public basis***

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