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A Paratus Forty-Six original is back! Now available in Long Sleeve and Short Sleeve styles, with a slightly different design.


The year was 1984 and it was just another day at Calumet High School in the Colorado Rockies. In their time, no foreign army had ever occupied American soil. That was about to change.


The original Red Dawn movie is a classic and we're paying our tribute to the Wolverines who stepped into the breach with this classically designed athletic booster t-shirt. Every school sells 'em, but not every school had kids putting boot to ass when the forces of communism descended upon the American Heartland.Show your support for the Calumet Wolverines and the businesses that supported them, too!


Hover over the images above (shot on location where the movie was filmed), and look closely for some important references to scenes from the movie. Final product may differ slightly from sample designs. Some photos are concept-modified stock photos from

Calumet Wolverines Boosters T-Shirt

SKU: calumet
  • Printed in Oklahoma on Royal Blue Gildan 50/50 shirts.

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